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Q.  What is your pet policy?  
A.  Most of our houses we DO NOT allow inside pets, other than caged animals like birds, hamsters, or fish.  No dogs or cats.  Our lease
plainly states there are to be no dogs or cats inside the house, not even a visiting friend or relative can bring one in.  If we find an
animal inside your house, we charge a $300 pet violation fee due immediately and your rent automatically increases $25 per month per
pet.  You will be responsible for any damages and for having the carpets professionally cleaned upon moveout and the house sprayed
for fleas professionally.
Q. Are outside pets ok?  
A.  Yes, outside pets are fine.  However, pit bulls are not allowed anywhere on the property.  We have nothing against them, but our
insurance carrier restricts us from allowing pit bulls.  Sorry.
Q. You said most houses do not allow pets, do you have some that do?  
A.  Yes,  Those houses will be noted "with monthly fee".   The monthly fee varies on each house and is charged per pet per month.  
Inside pets are limited to 2.  The fee covers the cost of having the house professionally sprayed for fleas upon move-out.   You are still
responsible for cleaning carpets, deodorizing and any damage.
Q.  I want the house but can't rent it until xxxx, will you hold it?  
A.  The house is available the day it is listed.  So asking us to hold it, is like asking you to work free on your job for x number of days.  
As a courtesy, we will hold a house for up to 7 days with a minimum deposit of $100 which will be applied to your deposit, but is
non-refundable if you change your mind and don't rent the house.  After 7 days the house goes back on the market.

Q. Can I pay out my deposit?

A.  Actually you put up your deposit first, and then at least half of your rent that is due, remember we pro-rate your first months
rent depending on your move in date.  However, if you don't pay as agreed, a late fee will be charged.
Q.  When can I get the key and move in?

A.  As soon as you've paid your deposit and rent in full.
Q.  Is there an application and application fee?  
A. No fee.  - There is an application, you can print one here online or get one in person when we show you the house.
Q.   Can I put up a deposit to hold a house?

A.   Yes you can, but be sure it’s the house you want.  When we accept a deposit to hold, we take the house off the market
and tell other prospective renters it’s no longer available.  Therefore, deposits to hold are non-refundable if you change your
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Q.   Do you accept housing assistance programs.

A.   Yes, we work with Ada Housing, Chickasaw Housing, Choctaw Nation, Seminole Nation and Oklahoma Housing

Q.   Is there anything special about housing assistance programs?

A.   Yes, our lease is for 12 months with housing.  We will comply with housing regulations for the house to pass inspection
for move in.   However, upon the annual re-inspection, we will fix/repair/replace items that are our responsibility, but things
that are missing like light bulbs, light globes, broken windows, missing screens etc, things that were originally there and
working, you are responsible for those items.

Q.   I am on housing assistance, and have found the house I want, what should I do?  

A.   The toughest part of dealing with the housing assistance is having to wait for an inspector to set up an appointment to
inspect.  Some housing agencies tell you not to put up a deposit until it is inspected.  That‘s fine, however, we will not hold
the unit without the deposit.  So if it takes several days to get an inspector to approve the property, be advised that we will
continue to show the house to perspective renters and it may be gone by the time you get someone to come inspect the
Q.    Where do I pay my rent?

A.   We don’t have an official office, so you can either mail a check or money order (never mail cash) to us at the address
provided or in person when we come by to collect.  

Q.   I moved in on the 10th, when is my rent due again?

A.   When you moved in, your rent should have been prorated for the remainder of that month.  All rent is due on or before the
1st of each month.

Q.   I don’t get my government check until the 3rd of the month, will I be charged a late fee of $50?

A.   No.  -  Yes you are late, but as long as you have your rent to us by the 5th of the month we will not charge a late fee.

Q.   I’ve missed you to pay my rent what should I do?

A.   If you are not mailing your rent, then please call us and leave a message that you have the rent ready to be picked up.  

Q.   You didn’t pick up the rent by the 5th, do I have to pay the late fee?

A.   We’re very active people.  We may occasionally be busy or miss you.   If the delay in picking up the rent is our fault, no late
fee is charged.

Q.   I found a 5 day eviction notice on my door, what do I need to do?

A.   Don’t panic.  I’ve missed you several times to collect rent.  You now have 5 days to pay your rent and late fee’s or face
eviction.  If you have your rent, no worries, just call me and let me know where I can pick it up.  Be sure to leave a message.
Q.   Do you maintain your property?

A.   Yes.   We try very hard to keep our property in good condition.  Some people are afraid to call landlords with problems.  
Don‘t let this happen to you.  If you fail to report a leak and it ruins the floor, carpet, tile, etc.  Then when we find out about it,  
and fix it, you will be responsible for the damage it caused.  Don‘t be afraid to call us to let us know about leaks etc.

Q.   What if I break a window or put a hole in the wall?

A.   It‘s your responsibility.  You can call us, we have contractors that can make repairs and it might save you some money.  
We’ve seen sheetrock repair jobs and honestly we’d rather you call us for one of our crew that will do the job right.

Q.   Can I get a storm/screen door?

A.  Yes you can.  You may purchase them at any local lumber yard and have someone install them for you at your expense.  

Q.   Can I repaint?

A.   Yes, with limitations.  First, you should check with us to make sure it is ok. No dark colors without approval.  You may
paint already painted surfaces.  Do not paint paneling or stained wood work.  Take the necessary precautions when painting
not to get paint on trim, carpet, light fixtures/switches etc.  You will be responsible for any cleanup upon move out, so be
careful.  When repainting you must give us a written list of the brand, color and finish type of paint used so if we have to match
it later.

Q.   If I paint, will you pay me for it?

A.   No, however in most cases, we will pay a reasonable amount for the paint itself.   So save your receipts.  It’s always best
to check with us first about reimbursement for the paint.  (supplies like brushes, rollers, etc are not included)

Q.   Can I change the locks?

A.   No.  Locks are changed every time someone moves.   If you’ve given keys out and no longer feel secure, you may call us
and we’ll change the lock for you.  Our locksets are specially keyed for us.  If you remove our locks you will be charged up to
$100 for the locks if not returned to us.  In cases of emergency, you may change your lock and then notify us within the next
week so we may come buy to pick up our old locks  and install new locks.

Q.   Why do I have to use your locks?   

A.   We must be able to get into the property for emergency or for repair.  Our crew only has to carry 1 key this way.

Q.   Who has keys to the house?

A.   Besides us, the owners, our plumbers, carpenter and handyman.  

Q.   I want to be present when someone is working on my home, is this possible?

A.   Yes.  When you call us for a repair, and wish to be present while someone is in your house, we will authorize the
repairman to do the work, but you will have to call them and schedule a time.

Q.   Do I have to have utilities on all the time?

A.  Yes, water/gas/electric must be on at all times.  Living without any of these is unsanitary and is a lease violation.  You will
be asked to turn the utilities on or move.  

Q.   Will you come in my house without warning or when I am not home?

A.   We respect your right to privacy, no one is coming into your house without you calling for service work, unless it is an

Q,    Do you inspect the property?

A.   Yes.  We do random inspections of houses each month.   We will always post a notice 24 hours in advance before
entering a house for inspection.

Q.   I found your business card on my door what does that mean?

A.   Most commonly it’s that I’m trying to make contact with you, probably to collect rent.  If I’ve left a card, that means I’ve been
by more than twice and you need to call me.  Be sure to leave a message so I know you called.
Q.   Do I have to give notice to move?

A.   Yes.  Just like I have to give you notice if I want you to move.  We ask for a 30 written notice.  If you have not completed
your primary lease term, then you will still be responsible for the balance of the lease.

Q.   What is expected of me when I move out?

A.   You should have given proper notice.  You rent should be paid up in full.  You should leave the house in a move in ready
condition.  At least as good as it was when you moved in.  No trash.  All lights must have working bulbs, and globes.  
Stoves and refrigerators should be clean.  No damages.  The carpets should be swept, if dirty should be cleaned.  
Working batteries in all smoke alarms.  If the house is not move in ready, then you will be charged rent until it is made

Q.   When do I get my deposit back?

A.   Usually right away.  If you’ve left the house move in ready with proper notice and your account is paid in full.  Then there
is no problem.   By law, we have 30 days to return your deposit from the date you request it.  If the house has to be cleaned
or repaired this will delay the return of the deposit.

Q.   What happens if I can’t complete the term of my lease?

A.   First of all, there is a $100 “re-leasing fee that you will be charged for not completing your lease term.  You should give
as much notice as possible that you will be moving.  Then you should leave the unit clean and “move-in ready”.  We will try
our best to re-lease the unit, however you are responsible for the rent either until the unit is rented or the initial term of your
lease has expired, whichever occurs first.  Your account will be charged the fee, plus any fee’s for damage repair or
property clean up and rent until rented.  This amount is deducted from your deposit and the balance if any will be billed to
you for payment.